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Grippaz Hand Glove

Protective Wear has identified the best personal protective products around the world and has built strategic business relationships with manufacturers and owners of world-famous brands. As a result of those business relationships, we have secured the distribution rights of various high quality safety products to distribute and sell in Ghana and other African countries. Below is a brief introduction of one of our products we currently supply to various customers in different sectors of the Ghanaian economy including governmental organizations.


Grippaz Hand Glove (The best gloves you’ll ever use!)

In 2015, the Grippaz Glove was invented which changed glove technology forever. The Grippaz Glove range has unique fish scale grip technology which has been patented worldwide. This glove is now being worn by millions of people every day offering unrivalled grip and protection over any other glove in its class. This glove is made to meet and certified by international standards like ISO 9001 and ISO 13485. You can refer to the product data sheet for all the standards this product conforms to.


This glove is worn by many in different industries notably, Cleaning and sanitation, Meat & Food processing, Industrial (Oil & Gas), Automotive, Medical and Beauty among others. It also comes in different sizes, length, thickness and colours. Another key feature of this glove is that it is very durable (80% more durable than other gloves) and so you can use relatively smaller number of them per day.